The Ocean

December 13, 2009
By Anonymous

The waves lap gently at the shore,
freely gliding over the warm, soft sand.
The water spreads out over the horizon,
like a glassy, incessant carpet of blue.

The sun beams down,
from the heavens above.
There is not a cloud
in the clear, blue sky.

Children play in the waves,
without a care in the world.
A surfer flies over the water,
riding the wave towards the shore.

Seagulls soar in the sky
and swoop down to the water.
Somewhere further out,
a huge fish leaps high into the air.

A sand castle proudly boasts
its royal magnificence.
Shells of every sort
lay out on the ground.

Then, out of nowhere,
the sky darkens,
to a bleak shade of gray,
Clouds hide the struggling sun.

A wise mother
grabs her child's hand,
and leads them to the safety
of the indoors.

The sea churns violently.
The waves smash down
onto the cold sand,
like an angry beast.

The seagulls fly away,
Parents and children all go away.
The beach is deserted,
lonely and sad.

The first raindrop falls,
like a message from the sky,
Thunder booms, and the heavens open up.
Tons of water pours from the sky.

Amidst the heavy rain,
thunder and lightning
create a show in the sky,
like some kind of twisted fireworks.

The rain splatters onto the sand,
creating little craters,
before it is soaked into the ground
and disappears.

When it falls into the water,
it makes millions of tiny splashes,
making the water
seem to dance.

Finally the rain slows,
the thunder and lightning cease.
As the last raindrop falls,
The sun creeps out from behind the clouds.

And the ocean is calm once again.

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