Miracle Sun

December 13, 2009
your miracle sun
taught me much
of love and life.

your proverbial sunset
would kill me
and drive me farther
to insanity.

i fear, i might, I could, possibly,
go down and down
into this eternal night
where there is no moon
where there are no stars,
except for some sham stars
clouding the night.

none can shine,
quite as bright
as your lustrous eyes.

and so, radiate
and keep this brilliance alive
in your light and in my mind.

your miracle sun
is my body’s reason to breathe,
is my heart’s reason to beat,
is my mind’s reason to seethe,
like a roiling sea,
dripping and filled
with thoughts of you.
as my autotrophic heart goes on
with the energy of your miracle sun.

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