To lay there silently

December 13, 2009
By kylebotts BRONZE, FPO, Other
kylebotts BRONZE, FPO, Other
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I wanna see the sky as it begins to crumble all around me. I wanna hear the waves as they flood in and surround me. I wanna feel your headlights glare coming quickly toward me. I wish I’d feel the grass, and all the broken glass, as I lay silently watching your taillights fade away. My only hope is that I can feel anything at all.

Sometimes I hate the clouds of my breath I see in the moonlight. Sometimes I hate the words I’ve said, and they still won’t make me feel right. Sometimes it seems the only days I can take are ones in which the rain falls, and I can stand alone, as if the teardrops were my own, waiting only for the day I lay there silently.

And every day I wake, every day I must take, will bring me closer to the day I lay there silently…

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