It's Not Enough

December 13, 2009
these walls that bind me
are but the sides of my skull.
how can there be so much energy
in this place less than a galaxy?

this muscle that holds me
is just necessary for life and
beats involuntarily.
i want to love more than it allows.

these eyes don’t see enough
of the spectrum i need to behold.
to watch hope and love and dreams transpire,
to observe some balance to horror.

these funnels and translators
of the words and sound all around,
translate enough to keep me sane.
if only, though, i could hear every pulse and soul.

these arms that constrict me,
aren’t long enough or strong enough
to let me pull and hold safe
the world from its troubles.

these feet that could never carry me
to the ends of the world,
will keep me away from you
until i can fly.

and fly, i will, one day to you.
and maybe, with you at my side,
we can save the world
from the core to the crust, we’ll keep it afloat.

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