December 13, 2009
By BAMkitson BRONZE, South Bend, Indiana
BAMkitson BRONZE, South Bend, Indiana
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There is always the one person in your life you will never forget,
The one who leaves a permanent mark deep in your heart,
Mine is everything to me,
His smile takes away all my pain,
And his laughter brings me happiness in the darkest hour,
As I hug tight to his chest,
I look up,
see his face and smile,
I kiss his warm cheek,
we hug,
fitting together like two matching puzzle pieces,
We take care of each other,
sharing happiness,
sharing pain,
sharing love,
sharing tears,
sharing everything,
When I hold him for those precious moments,
I think to myself how special he is,
How lucky I am to be in his life,
We could go anywhere together and have the time of our lives,
We look at the world as if nothing else matters but the the two of us,
He and i are not perfect,
We both have made big mistakes in our lives,
Mistakes that have taken all the strength in us to overcome
When we fight we can't look at each other,
Because we can't help but smile,
Knowing that nothing else matters than each other,
I look into his eyes, knowing he's the one,
The one who cares about me more than anyone else on this earth,
When I lay in bed at night,
I stare at the ceiling thinking of his strong arms rapped around me,
of his hands intertwined with mine,
the touch of his soft lips,
how perfectly they fit mine,
how perfectly we fit each other,
I think of how blessed I am to have found him,
The only person who is my other half,
Who completes me,
We've laughed a million laughs,
Fought a million fights,
Wrestled on the floor,
Always ending the same way,
He smiles so big his dimples show,
Making me smile even more,
Those are my favorite,
I would give him the world if i could,
And everything in it,
I'd give him the stars, the moon, and sky,
I'd give him the ocean,
all the flowers and waterfalls,
Everything beautiful,
He deserves everything,
everything and anything,
Because to me he truly is everything,
As many times as I blink,
I think of him,
Everything I see reminds me of him,
I look outside and see us walking hand in hand,
keeping each other warm from the brisk fall winds,
I watch movies and think of our first kiss,
I sit on my couch and imagine him next to me, whispering in my ear,
We've had a few bumps in the road,
But us, we'll survive everything,
As I jump into his arms,
He holds me close,
Telling me that he loves me,
That he will never let go,
That he will never forget,
That I am the most precious thing in his life,
And I listen to his heart beat,
And I just know,
This is it,
He is the one

The author's comments:
This poem was written for my first love. I still love him and I will forever.

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