December 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Hold me close, Hold me tight
Everything will be okay, everything will be alright
Look me in the eyes, and hear my cries
You are the one thing I need

Like a drug addicting and sweet
Make my heart thump, make it beat
Hear the music, dance along
With you nothing will ever go wrong

Give me tickles down my spine
Everything will be just fine
Feel my lips with yours
And tell me you love me
Then, Look me in the eyes with yours

Tell me your fears
Baby, no more tears
I'll be here
There's nothing to fear

Honey, Honey, Catch me when I fall
I want to feel your pain
I'll be there through it all
And make it through the hardest obstacles

Lullaby, lullabye
Baby, don't you cry
Listen to our hearts beating in harmony
Together and Forever

Baby, baby
Just kiss me under the stars
Or even in the pouring rain
Without you I would go insane

But, Baby, remember..
I'll be there, no more tears
I'll be here, there's nothing to fear

The author's comments:
I wrote this about someone.

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