It Was Real

December 13, 2009
By BAMkitson BRONZE, South Bend, Indiana
BAMkitson BRONZE, South Bend, Indiana
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With love she sealed it,
with dread she sent it,
a letter filled with unhappy words,
a letter sent to someone to whom she would give the world,
He reads line by line,
speaking aloud to make sure the words are real,
tears fill his eyes,
this letter was sent with love,
but is read with heartbreak,
for she sent it with news,
news that would break his heart into pieces,
she wrote it in ink,
because speaking it would be too hard,
she knew how he would look,
she couldn't handle it,
she loved him with everything she had,
but she made a terrible mistake,
a terrible, terrible mistake,
that if she could give anything to take back she would,
knowing that she couldn't drove her to insanity,
she had fun for a night that meant nothing,
but for this one night she would lose everything she truly loved,
he read it ten times,
wishing the words would erase and turn to something else,
but they wouldn't,
they were true,
they were real,
he tore up the letter,
he sat and realized he would have to let her go,
he had to,
this was real,
it was real

The author's comments:
This poem was written because I recently had an experience where I made a mistake that resulted in causing someone I care about a lot of heartbreak. I dedicate this to him.

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