fighting to be me.

December 13, 2009
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im looking around with my eyes.
seeing wide open mouths
talking and talking.
never stopping to see the truth.
just talking and talking
and looking with such disgrace
and so many wrong opinions.
im tired of being talked about and having to stand up for myself.

whin i get home i sit
on the floor of my bathroom near my bathtub and fill its emptiness with my tears.
my feelings are hurt
as no one tries to know me.
im tired of people talking, so tired of being defined by names and hurtful words.

i stand alone in this
room of open mouths
with a mic in my hand and a spotlight in my face.
speaking not listening.
its my turn to open my mouth and leave it wide open to let everyone hear and see my pain...
make them understand the hurtful remarks that they have made.

tell them my story of who i am
what i've done
and most of all what i've felt.

you talk and talk

i am a slave to the words that run out your mouth
and through my ears.
words of discrimination
said to hurt.

im tired of looking in the mirror and not seeing what everyone else wants to see.
see a person with feelings and thoughts
with bruises of bodly said words.
these tears run down my face because i see a girl
who's so different from the rest of the world.
fighting to be me.

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