Stanley Cup

December 13, 2009
The Stanley Cup is not like and other trophy given out in the world of sports.
Indeed it is the most famous trophy of all.

The trophy that is awarded to the beat hockey team in the NHL.
The team that made it through the battlefield of the playoffs,
which is like going through Hell.

Making it through the Quarterfinals can be easy,
usually knowing what team you’re opposing and how they play.

But by the time you make it to the Semis,
games get tougher and the intensity keeps growing once you know
that the beautiful Stanley Cup is now closer for you to grasp.

If your team makes it through the second round,
Consider yourself lucky. The hill just gets steeper to climb.

Now there’s only one more team to play,
before you can play for the prize.
This is the time to give it your all and perform
the plays that will make fans think “Where did that come from?”

If you’ve made it through, you’ve have proved yourself capable.
Your team has conquered your Conference
East, West, whichever one it may be.

Only one team is standing in the way of winning that Stanley Cup.
But in order to do that you must first find the right key.
The key to beating that other team and making that cup yours.

It’s now all down to this.
Just win four our of seven games, and that cup will be yours
to hold above your head after you give it a kiss.

The time that moment comes,
will be one of the greatest moments of your life.
Knowing that you won the war and claimed your prize.
The Stanley Cup will be emblazoned with your name.
Etched init are the other teams that were victorious before you.
The whole world will know.

When that day comes your dream will be fulfilled.
One of the greatest memories of you life.

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