One-Sided Love

December 13, 2009
I love you, but you don’t love me.
Your heart belongs to someone else.
So our love will never be.
I know this to be true,
but I still think of what might have been.
I just can’t seem to get over you,
Because you are unlike other men.
You’re different from others that I have known.
But I know that with this love,
I am only on my own.
Whenever I see you,
My heart leaps in a crazy whirl.
You seem to be that boy,
But I’m not that girl.
The girl you found makes me happy,
I can see it in your eyes.
I try and tell myself that you’re not with her.
But I know that I’m just telling myself lies.
When I found out about you two,
I wanted to rip my heart out and never love again.
Because I will never feel the kind of love you have.
So I’ll just give up on love then.
Without me your world will continue on turning.
I still say that it’s me you’re with,
but I know I’m only pretending.
I love you, but you don’t have love to give me in return.
Love will never exist for me,
yet it’s still love that I yearn.
Your world is full of happiness that I will never know.
I’ll always love you, but I know I’ll be on my own.

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Nics21 said...
Jul. 20 at 6:10 am
Your work became my inspiration in writing my own ballad for my school project. I love it! Its very nice and simple that anyone can really relate to. Five stars for your work
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