December 13, 2009
Think about this!
The pair of the most
amazingly gorgeous,
upmost beautiful brown eyes ever!
coated in lust and desire in billions of
while looking directly at you.

Think about the owner of those eyes that
has the strength to crush you,
hurt you,
as they hold your most vulnerable parts
in their hands,
and the knowledge in their eyes
that they want you and
they know you want them just as much
or more...

Think about being faced with the biggest temptation
that you've so tried to forget!
to push away!
and have it facing you,
crawling your legs,
up your spine,
then down,
down your chest,
where more than your thighs can feel...

Think about that pair of those eyes
having them look at you as your captured,
and only way you get away is that
you cry out loud as you can!

Think about it,
and try to have innocent dreams
that aren't invaded with your
biggest temptation
that you ever faced.

Its not easy is it?"

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SamiLynn said...
Sept. 1, 2010 at 12:25 am
:D that's all i have to say :D
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