a once upon a time ending

December 12, 2009
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It started with
the early mornings,
you and I,
the snow on my shoulders
as i fell to your heart.
On the play ground
I stole beautiful glances
between the moments.

What started with
a playful look
soon changed into
something i couldn't live without.
And the years,
you never knew them,
because i never let you in.
I had heard too many stories
to let the cliche
And before we saw it coming,
the little moments were gone
And all we had were the memories
of something that hadn't quite happened.

It started with
the realization
that you were the best thing
that never happened to me.
In an instant of insanity
I stole back your heart.

As i lie here beside you,
all i can think is that
i may be
the happiest girl in the world.
Laying here beside you,
I dream of a christmas morning smile,
and of little feet running through our house.

It started with two kids
who fell harder than they should have,
who tried not to, in fear of honest pain,
who loved more than they would have,
had they not spent so much time avoiding it.
And who lived happily ever after in their dreams.

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