demon dog days

December 12, 2009
By inunabi SILVER, Boulder Creek, California
inunabi SILVER, Boulder Creek, California
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demon dog days
just another good vibration

of the bass strings

without complication
on a windmill island

floating up in the sky

drifting away dreamily

above away from a melancholy town where

they never smile

she sits there on the edge of the cliff of that floating island

kicking her feet to the beat

of the bass she playing

as the demon dogs crawl up the walls

in their in her dreams laying right beside her

happy to just keep on drifting

void of the passage and ties of time

floating through these skies and days

it never pays but

its all they want to drift

afraid of change not

so much they just like it

how it is content in their

sorrow breath of tomorrow

dream’n drift away…

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