What Is Love

December 12, 2009
By Rawkstar_bri GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
Rawkstar_bri GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
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All is far in love and war

Love, What is it
Many claim it
Some may obtain it
Others restrain it
Love, What Is It
Is it the way a mother cares for her child or a praying grandmother in the middle of the night
Or is it an everlasting smile
Love, What Is It
Some say the ability to trust
Others say a life long commitment
Few know but many show
Love, What Is It
Around the block i've heard of young love
Oldies say it doesn't exist
Junkies say its true
and Young ones say it do
Love, What Is It
Many people claim it
Some obtain it
But if we took the time to wait and Seek for the true meaning
Love would be ginuwine, faithful, and everlasting

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