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My First Love

December 12, 2009
By Emeris SILVER, Glenwood, Iowa
Emeris SILVER, Glenwood, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
It's better to try and regret rather than regret not trying at all :/

I'd listen as you laugh and grin
I already know I cannot win.
I love the way your eyes light up like magic
It's so wonderful, I can feel the static.
You never notice me, but I don't mind,
Watching closely by the sidelines.
You'd talk to me about her
I'd listen unasured
You'd pull at my heart
and tear me apart...
But you'll never know
My true feelings that haven't shown
Even now, when we're far apart,
I still remember our first start
I moved into a small town
You, the boy looking down
With one black eye and a slight frown
Look at our paths and the happiness we've found.
As we drift away
I still wish I could stay
But I have to move on
I look ahead into the horizons.

The author's comments:
I can't believe how much my life sounds so much like those Taylor Swift songs.
This poem is dedicated to my first love, Which was an unrequitted one.
We don't see each other much anymore, but I my heart still lingers. He never knew and I don't plan on telling him.
I'm glad he found where he belongs and I've found where I belong. We walk down seperate paths now but I won't forget him.

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