December 12, 2009
By Rawkstar_bri GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
Rawkstar_bri GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
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All is far in love and war

I can't belive this It seems like the more i strive to do right wrong comes right around the corner seeming as an easy get away from my problems,pain, and misery Thinking thoughts, not bad ones though i swear im killing myself but instead it feels like i'm killing everyone around me I'm not suicidal cause i'm not killing myslef But i've killed so many smiles because of the choices i've made WANTED! thats is! thats all i am wanted! wanted by the evil of the world but i won't give in Not even for a million dollars I will survive through the darl nights and long days I'm wanted that's all But i'm turning myself in to the good of course!

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