My Time Is Now

December 12, 2009
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Standing....alone but standing Heart beating at the speed of light Hearing the crowd chanting my name or is it possible thats the voices in my head saying the time is now My time is now?! My turn to shine My time to love All eyse on me I can't hear all of a suddem i'm deaf Deaf to the sound of the world Blind to the sight of the world Unable to speak Can't respond to the hate of the world I only see positive things Hear positive words and Speak positive things Only to and from positive people Again i hear "the time is now" My time is now?! My time to shine My time to love No more hut cause i won't hurt people Well i mean on purpose of course I begin to feel as if the whole world is watching me Waiting for my next move Looking for that one bad thing to point out But not this time Even though i'm not perfect i will strive to be close I promise i will tell the truth from now on No more little white lies At least on purpose of course and i will try to straighten' up any lies i've told in the past NO MORE! NO MORE! NO MORE! I'm approaching the door As soon as i walk in i won't come back i'm leaving everything Well atleast the non-important stuff i'm almost there 1,2,3 As i open the door i hear the calling "Tia to the stage" to better this time at life once chance is all i needed now i know "my time is now"

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