Caught Up in You

December 12, 2009
By luigis_love BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
luigis_love BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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Your voice dances through my ringing ears,
And I find harmony,

In a chaotic bliss.
Invisible strings grope my throat,
You control me in so many ways,
But I wouldn’t tell you this.

When I sit next to you,
And you fall over me,
I wish you weren’t my friend.

I shift, uncomfortably.
Your warm hands touch me,
And I silently ignite.
The scent of your hair,
Travels through my nostrils and I choke
On the beauty you are.
it captures me,
like the sight of the wild lioness
completely content in an instant
after protecting her young.

You sing more words like a melody.
And I’m exploding.
You don’t need to know though.

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