Cry: Physically and Emotionally

December 12, 2009
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Seems like i can't win for losing
when i'm on the right path wrong comes tempting me and then when i do it holds me down cause i said i will never lie but then it seems as though its the easiet way to go I began to fall may be stumble getting side tracked by temptation i don't know it til reality hits then i wanna run run from the pain, lies, and deciet life brings but it seems the only way to escape is sleep if not then death death.... but thats not good so i reconsider every time i just stan in the rain and cry because it seems as though no one understands only prejudge me i'm sometimes not what i claim to be why can't they see but they just judge me on my actions actions that made me look bad but was fun for the time being but later turn into stones in the side and there i am crying, physically, and emotionally silent tears and loud tears its hypothetically of course no matter what i just can't seem to stop the water its burning threw my flesh and i begin to cry even more because of the pain, anger, and hurt i seem to feel he says i'm foolish she says i'm grown and they say i'm crazy but no matter what everyone seems to make fun of me when i express my feelings they laugh or get mad they don't care that i cry and don't know i cry myself to sleep every night they just take me for granted a misunderstood persom with silent tears

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