December 12, 2009
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I cannot let you go,
My love for you is just to great,
I want you to know that,
My heart is forever in your possesion,
No longer is it within the baracades they call my ribs,
"Well," they say, "Yes it is,"
You see, what thye don't understand is this love,
Of course my heart is still there... physically,
But my physical heart only pertains to my living physical body,
But the inside of my heart,
I hand that all over to you baby,

You are my one and only love, the only one is you,
No one else could possibly ever make me feel the way you do,
I cannot let you go darling?

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bamboom212 said...
Aug. 30, 2011 at 12:06 pm
This is really good! And yes, it did get very deep. "My heart is forever in your possession, no longer is it within the barracdes they call my ribs." I love that. And when you say that they say "well, yes it is," it reminds me of how some people are just like you don't know what love is, you're too young. This is awesome I love it(:
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