They Can Have the Long Buses

December 12, 2009
By Siraidly SILVER, Highland Park, Illinois
Siraidly SILVER, Highland Park, Illinois
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Long ago, I remember
going to school
on the short bus
I felt like a fool

the kids they would laugh
and call me mean names
like retard, and dummy
and made me feel shame

they asked many questions
like, "what's 1+1?"
in my tearful frustration
was their snickering fun

It wasn't til High School
Til I spelled my name
Instead of congratulations
they treated me the same

So i stopped all my efforts
to fit in with the rest
I embraced my fellow "retards"
and now i feel blessed

Now when bullies give me wedgies
I do not feel blue
I don't care that my doubled age
is still higher than my IQ

They can have the long buses
it doesn't matter in the end
They can have their A+'s
all i need is my friends

The author's comments:
thanks to my little brother for helping me with this!!!

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