Sisters Care

December 12, 2009
Tissue after tissue,
Fell to the floor.
She had been crying for hours.
Her sister tried to comfort her.
Telling her he wasn't worth it.
He is dumb for breaking up with her.
Stupid for cheating on her.
Nothing worked.
He was the "love of her life",
Her "soul mate",
And nothing would change her mind.

Her sister told her to stop.
Begged her to calm down.
Pleaded for the tears to end.
Seeing her sister so broken,
On some guy who she caught,
Kissing her best friend.
She had lost her love,
And her best friend since first grade.
Her sister embraced her,
Gently rocking back and forth.
Gradually she calmed down,
And hugged her sister as hard as she could.

A sisterly love is different.
Sisters are with you for everything,
And the love is powerful and lasting,
A sisterly love can never disappear.

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