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The Season's

December 12, 2009
By Emeris SILVER, Glenwood, Iowa
Emeris SILVER, Glenwood, Iowa
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It's better to try and regret rather than regret not trying at all :/

Autumn is the season
when the green lustrious leaves show their true colors
hidden beneath the emrald surface…
And because of it,they fall.
In the end,
they slip and crumble to their
tragic death as cold harsh winter
approaches them.
Life freezes as snowflakes
dance in circles and are blown
about like a sand storm.
They tease your face and kiss
your cheek in their seductive
trance. They're like ghosts
dancing in the wind as they
swirl and disappear in an instant. Their dance is soon interupted as they melt into warm spring.
Frozen life hits the sun's rays and
breaks free from their frozen
prison. They burst out with
pride and are soon followed
by their family as they grow.
They fight off the cold and
refuse to back down. In jubilation,
they celebrate by flourishing
in the summer sun.
Summer takes a turn and life
bursts out with laughs and
smiles. The vines twirl in
twists in delightment as they
open up colorful new flowers
that grin when they unfold
their veiling petals.
It's as if life exploded like
fireworks. Entrancing everyone
in its wake. Then they wither
away as they grow old and
as autumn shows its true nature.

The author's comments:
A piece inspired by an enticing snow display.

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