Fear of tears

December 11, 2009
When I’m with you
I thought you were my everything
My dreams
My sky and world
But when I turn around
My fear stroked me so hard
That I suffocate until I couldn’t breathe anymore
It feels like someone cut all the oxygen in the world
I drift so swiftly down the empty road
I thought that you were the one
But then my heart chased it down
And toured into pieces
All I can think is you
I know what I’ve done
That made you in pain
I wish at times maybe if I did something
it would change the way I felt
But I can’t do anything now
It happened and I gotto live with it
I love you so dearly
But I need my time to get to know wat I want
I know that my fear has overcome me
The fear of pain and hurt in your eyes
Hits me so hard like how the wind blows in a blizzard
All I can do is cry
But I don’t want to cry and cry
When you look into my eyes
I know that your laughter will be the murderer of the night
When the tears roll down
You wiped it down and act like it’s nothing
But I can see the pain we share
It’s time to let this love to go
All I can do is move on
So the pain that you built will be the smiles on your face
And once you again your smiles will light the world

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