Addiction of innocence

December 11, 2009
I cant explain wat im feelng
Its so hard to express without letting the tears roll down
I know that it kills you to know I cry alone
Its like stabbing your heart with a knife
And it continues bleeding over and over
The suffering that u delt with the tears from my eyes
When you look into my eyes all you c is the happiness and saddness
Of my love and care for you

Baby, I love me
I miss you so much
That it kills me to be without you
I cant hardly breathe when I cant feel you right beside me
My world falls when you’re far from me
I know this seems so foolish to others
But I love you with all my heart
They try to tear us apart

Nothing can tear me apart from you
You’re my own drug
So addicting that I cant help but to have it
You’re my poison I breathe
Your touch is so incredable
Your kisses are so toxic
That I want more and more

I know im crazy to say this
But im crazy for you
A fool for my innocence
But I love you
and I miss you so much!

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