December 11, 2009
By , Sterling Heights, MI
He is the sun that shines in the rain
He is the piano music that puts me at peace
He is a blanket that keeps me warm when its cold
He is the little black book that never stays home
He is the sculptures that he hangs in his basement
He is the love song that plays on the radio
He is the endless hours of laughter
He is a diary filled with my untold secrets
He is a tennis match, in good or bad weather
He is garden vegetable soup at Panera
He is the art exhibit at Cranbrook
He is the sketch in my sketchbook
He is a phone conversation at an odd hour
He is a competitive game of Parcheesi
He is a long walk at Dodge Park
He is a silver key necklace
He is a shoulder to cry on during a sad movie
He is a visit to Dreamland
He is a V-neck cardigan
He is a red Mazda car
He is dorky glasses worn occassionally
He is a sweet letter about his genuine feelingss
He is my boyfriend

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