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December 11, 2009
By ISayWeCuddleNow PLATINUM, Bartlett, Illinois
ISayWeCuddleNow PLATINUM, Bartlett, Illinois
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"The world needs Christians who don't tolerate the complacency of their own lives." - Crazy Love

Time slips away, between our own fingers,
It's not in a hurry, but it never lingers.
What becomes of us, no one's ever known,
Why we're struck so dumb, standing still as stone,
As we watch the time as it slips away.
Nights upon nights, we waste day after day.

Time is our foe, yet it's what we all need,
We wish it was different, not at such a speed;
But if it was slower, more time would we waste,
We wouldn't find reason to make any haste.
This is for most of us, who'd sit back, relax,
While a sliver of us are living life to the max.

So why add more time when we'll only regret,
The ways that we spent it, on things we'll forget?
Some would use wisely, but most of us not,
So where does that leave us, but near the same spot?
Time slips away, before our own eyes,
Between all our fingers, and out of our lives.

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