Our Gate

December 11, 2009
By tana woods BRONZE, Conroe, Texas
tana woods BRONZE, Conroe, Texas
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I got caught in his game. All he did was say three words.Now my heart is of shame.No longer singing just splurds.

He said "i love you".But it was all just a lie.I still wish it was true.But its all so long, and time for goodbye.

Bitter shame,love is still there.He just peys no attention.So i do the same and pretend not to care.What we had,neither of us mention.

I dont dare look at his eyes, its just like a gate. But he should know on the other side i still wait.

The author's comments:
This guy and me have had something since i moved there[7th grade] now we're in high school. We just now finally ended all the talkin and everything else. i am still in complete love with him. but the last time we were going to date i asked why it was takin so long and he finaly told me he had a girlfriend and was trying to brake up with her for me. i made up his mind for him, i chose to walk away. they have now been together for almost 6 months. and now he's starting to come back around. i still love him and will for a vary horrible long time.

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