Star crossed

September 17, 2009
By Anonymous

two star crossed lovers touch for the last time. he manly holds her in a lock by the waist looking off into the stars, she magnificant looks at his face crying and holding on for dear life. I feel it in the air, someone is going to die. They come raging at them at all diffrent sides, he cluches her tighter hoping he can find a way, a way out so they can be happy. They take her out of his arms and thrust him against the wall pinning him down, he tries to swing at them, but does not succeed. She being held by two men shrieks wishing and praying they would let them be, a puddle forms at the sole of her shoes. He raises his voice and says three words to her, three magical words i wish someone would say to me. The men after wrapping him up in rope start to beat him until he collapses against the cobble wall, then they leave. The two men drop her to the ground in tears and him drooped up against the wall trying to breathe. She scrambles up to him and puts his head on her thighs, telling him not to die.
I wish i were loved and held like that. I wish there would be some boy who was attracted to me and fight for me like that even if he does not win.

The author's comments:
Everyone deserves to be loved! It is not so much the good and the bad times you will have with them but to feel that spark and connection everytime your in their presence

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