What Love Is

September 16, 2009
By Anonymous

Once the three musketeers
Always standing side by side
Best friends you could ever imagine
Always one thing that could irk it all up
One small word, one small feeling
Jealousy of one another
Mainly with me
Jealousy caused by abandonment issues
Causing depression and suicidal thoughts
Among those thoughts were hatred
Hidden behind the hatred was pain
Pain hidden so deep that not a slight bit creeps through
Tearing you apart on the inside
Filling you with guilt and sorrow
Actions accomplished by jealous deeds
Would forever changed the relationship you once shared
Sickly thoughts occur about one another
Ripping the relationship to shreads
Until the only words you can say to them is
"I Hate You"
The three words any heartless person would not mind saying
In this world
Full of Greed, Hatred, and Jealousy
No body understands the true meaning of love
It's always money is love
Or sex is love
No one can define love
Love is too great a power to describe
The only way I can put it is
Love is completion
Love is happiness
Love is strong
Love is

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