September 7, 2009
By , Longmont, CO
She is beautiful;
She is perfect;
She is quirky and loving and spunky -
And she is the one thing I cannot have.

She smells like roses
And she reminds me of summer.
But for me,
She means death,
For I know I shall die without her love.

She is dangerous and she is sexy;
She is the most amazing thing in the world.
But for me,
She is forbidden.

She looks like an angel
And her lips taste of papaya.
But for me,
They are poison.

For she does not feel how I feel;
She does not love how I love;

She is my best friend,
And that is all.

I could love that Linde to the end of the world
And she would never know it.

Because for me, she is death;
She is poison;
She is...

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