I just want out

September 6, 2009
By Anonymous

i just wanna cry. cry in the rain, the shower, the dark. somewhere where no one can get to me. where no one can hear me. when i just be isolated, and cry. i want be alone for that single moment where i can do or be or say anything i want to make me feel free and no one gets in the way. i want to let it all out. i want to let out my scream. i want to let out the pain. i want to be clear of this feeling. i dont want to be like this way anymore. i feel different. and not in a good way. i feel deformed. i dont feel normal. i have a disease and nothing is curing me. i want out of this pain..why cant i get out?

The author's comments:
What my poem expressed was the way I feel. I feel like this about 93 to 95% of my time. I can't seem to find what makes me happy anymore and it affects everyone in my life. My parents don't take me seriously which hurt even more. No one really understands what I'm going through. People say "oh yeah, I've been through that." they may have been through depression but they havent gone through what I feel every single day of my life.

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