They Are Never Coming Back

September 2, 2009
By Anonymous

Nomater how they lived they always die weather they deserve to or not
they always die. They leave there loved ones, friends, pets nomater
who it is they always leave.

Tears shed pain ahead life ended cries of pain yet to revel themselves
pain in there every cry in every step in every breath they grow older
more pain more hearts broken more bonds broken less life less hope
less just less as they run out of life of rope they start to die to
admit to give up to hurt mentally to feel pain immortality seams like
a simple idiotic dream.

As dreams fade life slowly starts to seam useless hopes seam pointless
the sun painful the moon saddening you lose senses your only addiction

Cutting is an interest of ours we are booth mentally in pain your evil
makes them cry your cold shoulder pierces there heart you see there
glairs there pity the pain in there eyes to see you how you are but
they go all wrong on how to help on how to treat you

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