The End

September 2, 2009
By Anonymous

She sits in her room in the mist of the night staring at her only light.
He cries in his room in the dawn of the light begging for them to take him away.
In the light of the day when she’s breaking away he’s in the corner why live as he eyes peer the knife conning for him.
They had problems they had pains when it seamed to only gain while they lost all hope.
Friends shunned them Family didn’t understand.
Life seamed to be pointless until they met at the gait it was love at first sight they opened the gait hand in hand the gait was warming, welcoming. His arms outstretched his smile wide.
He showed them what was happening to there bodies and lives.
They gave their last sigh they herd the cries of those who had hoped it was just a phase tears touched there spirits as they herd “Take me instead”, “Why lord why MY child”, “Wake up please bubs I NEED YOU GET UP DON’T QUIT ON ME NOW”, “sissy you gots to get up stop playing… SISSY BREATH FOR ME PLEASE DONE LEAVE ME”
They realized it was a terrible mistake they had just thrown it all away
She was covered in Blood her heart down a hole missing in her hart the gun still in her hand tears streaming down her face
His through slit as his eyes pleaded “I didn’t mean to,” he mouthed with his strength “I am sorry don’t cry,” and he left his brother
They ran for the gait hand in hand trying to escape undo there done he made it and she tripped he saw the gaits slam shut separating them he grabbed her hand and swore “I will never leave you” but she vanished and he woke up his brother asleep but still crying.
She fell into a black emptiness like a never-ending dream she saw her life flash before her life as she realized “I am dead, I shall protect you dearest sister, love”

The author's comments:
It is written for a friends siblings.

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