I hate you. I love you. I'm sorry. I miss you.

September 4, 2009
I thought I was a grain in the sands of time,
turns out I was just the sleep in someone's eye.
I turned my head to look away,
it ended up staying that way.
Now I'm always looking behind my back,
I have you to thank for that.
I've missed a kiss then betrayed a blade,
I've seen you smile while I watched your style.
But to see a look,
one meant to hook,
from you to me,
I don't believe
in the truth of your lies,
or the sincerity of your goodbyes.
So give it a break,
or give it a shake,
either way it's all the same,
and no leap of faith or rise to fame
could ever put out that flame.
So take me back,
or start your attack,
I'll always love you
and I know you'll love me too,
so it will always be true,
forever my boo.

But even cheesey love lines
can't connect the times
from dot to dot
that still mean a lot.
I hope when I say
that everything's okay
that I'm not far off base.
And when I say I have to face
my biggest deflection
I hope it's not my own reflection,
but a dragon for you to slay
because you're my knight in a shinning array
of fabrics and feelings
and other important dealings.
From beginning to end,
you're my beautiful,
sometimes broken,
always perfect
best friend.

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