September 3, 2009
By Anonymous

I like to imaginiate
Because I feel so much hate
For these disgusting people just about anyone who gets near me
I can not lie, even some family
Probably because the people who are suppose to love me
Traumatized my past so early
And even though I became so manly
I still feel so much hate for those who supposively
Call themselves “Mommy” and “Daddy.”
And still very much wish they never had me
But that all changed
When I met a girl so strange
I could not quite figure her out like a mysterious magician on a stage
But somehow she always made my heart beat so violently against my rib cage
She started my healing with a new chapter
And her name on the front page
Her medicine was love, slowly curing my anger and rage
We had perfect chemistry and she truly completed me
But I am the type of person who always likes to imagine
And exaggerates what never happened
So I keep imagining even more and more
Because I still feel so much hate towards these disgusting people
Like I did

The author's comments:
Back when I wrote this poem I always like to push people away because I felt like I was always being pushed away.

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