September 2, 2009
By Anonymous

The stars are shallow the moon is full the drunks and drugies all out to celebrate "I ruined my life so I can party all night and cry all day."
The sun hurts my eyes burns my soul for all the lies I have told
thought my time. When my time comes I shall float in regret with to much to repent to much that even if I started I would never be able to finish making up for all I have done all the lives I have renewed.
My heart is cold from lack of use. I never did drugs though my heart is probably as blackas a new crayon with hate with shame.
My love is long gone far from
my reach my heart broke the first and final time.
The way you said no landed me in the hospital looking as if I was dying as if my heart was no longer there.
When you said no I zoned out I lost all 5 senses all I had was pain and darkness.
When the semi hit me I didn’t feel a thing when the doctors almost lost me I couldn’t care less.
When I walked out of the hospital and saw you, that face you maid the way you stood up and wiped the tears from your eyes I felt like I could die but I didn’t I walked up to you and you turned and walked away with out a simple good bye I watched you walk out the door and never turn back.
The worst thing you ever did was accept my best friends proposal
rite next to me after acknowledging you remembered by giving me the same look from that day.
I do admit my plans for you were too much but I settled with this with righting a poem of my pain and ending it here on your doorstep so when you wake up from your slumber you'll find my
body lifeless soulless and cold from the harsh winter night four days after you filed the divorce papers.
I could take the marriage my friend was the perfect one but to divorce because you don't like his favorite color deserves a bucket of shame with a side of nightmares.

The author's comments:
It is depressing.

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