September 2, 2009
By Anonymous

In the bed where she sleeps the shadow among her heart covers her like a blanket. The shadow comforts her soothing her, numbing her pain. A scream escapes her lips the scream pealed your skin; so mercy pleading the scream churned your blood it burned your ears. A traitorous cry that left you petrified sudden silence the scream echoed in your head echo echo echo a tear of pain escaped her eye the shadow was around her heart constricting. Hatred filled her heart; darkness hit her all at once. Her body quivers and shakes then stillness out of nowhere the final tremor rockets through her as if an earthquake just took place inside of her. A gasp of air her final breathe then she exhaled. Her soul leaving her body, her life flashing in front of her then… eternal darkness is all has left. She spirals in what seems like an eternal hole just falling in a bottomless pit. Dead by age thirteen her last year was her worst she had nothing to fight for she had lost it all within 12 months including her life.

The author's comments:
Its deep, dark, and scarry in my and others opinion.

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