Look and see

September 1, 2009
By Anonymous

Have you ever wondered
What people are like at home?
How their family is like?
What they really think?
Were you ever surprised?
Did you know the student-council president
Has scars on her arms
And bruises from being beaten?
Did you know the smart guy everyone loves, the jokester and the athlete?
He has to drop out of sports and clubs because he supports his family.
That girl over there, who everyone thinks is the most innoecent person ever?
She shudders from men after too many touches.
The girl with scars on her arms, the result of being mistreated too many times.
The ones in the hospital, getting stitches for the third, fourth, seventh times?
One is also getting their stomach pumped from an overdose.
Is that straight-A student smoking meth at the park?
Have you ever wondered
If that happy person
Really is what they seem?
Have you ever stopped and thought about
What all those excuses mean?
Has anyone bothered to look past the veil
And see the truth?
Did you know she binge drinks to forget her problems
And he is thinking about his suicide note
And that guy was betrayed too much
And she got sucked in and lost herself?
Did you know that smiles aren't always true?
Or did you bother to even look?
Have you ever thought
That if you opened your eyes
And really LOOKED
Did it just once
The life you save might be mine?

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