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December 23, 2009
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Boom Boom Boom,
Earthquake steps shake the ground.
Percussion instruments made by god.
The fire roars as the frenzy builds.
Energy collects and I given back out,
Never slowing, never stagnant.
The moon is our night light with the stars as our audience.
They applaud with slight brightening and dimming.
We create the music for them, they create our inspiration.
We circle faster and faster, every step louder and louder.
The anticipation builds and a mountain of energy explodes.
Vociferous noise fills the area breaking the silence miles around.
The group doesn’t stop after the uproar,
We only start back up.
This is our land, our people, our life.
We party to celebrate our culture. Born in the native land or not,
We are one voice, one instrument, one performance.
We are one person and we are the same.

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