my mind keeps racing

December 23, 2009
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my body is tired
but my mind keeps racing
thought after thought
tear after tear
sob after sob
cry after cry
my mind keeps racing
but i cant keep up
my head keeps banging
my heart is telling me to stop
what should i do
when my thoughts keep coming up to you
bad thought good thought
despising thought beautiful thought
my mind keeps racing
and its all about you
what can i do
i love every moment im with you
but do you feel the same
or are you lying to me
please answer me truthfully
my mind keeps racing
my head is throbing
of everythingo want to say
but how do i tell you
when my tears are intfering
my sobs are taking over
im dying a little inside
and still my mind is racing.
my body, soul, heart, and mind is racing to you
i was told the stories about the princess and her prince and living happily ever after.
the're not all true.
my mind is racing.
im trying to find real love but its oh so hard.
and all of the sweet loving things my mind keeps racing.
as i look into your eyes
i can no longer can tell
if you love me the same.
i should have made it clear how my mind keeps racing.

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