I Truly Hate.

December 23, 2009
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I Truly Hate The Way You Control Me.
Inadvertently Keeping A Firm Hold Of My Heart.
Bending It,
Twisting It,
Breaking It.

I Truly Hate The Way You Made Me Love You.
Pretending To Care,
Claiming You Love Me.
But If You Loved Me,
You'd Never Treat Me Like This.

I Truly Hate The Way You Look At Me.
This Look Of Longing,
Of Passion,
Of Lust.
It's Just Another Way For You To Toy With My Emotions.

I Truly Hate The Way You Hold Me.
When You Beg Me To Talk To You,
Your Arms Around Me,
Hugging Me,
Securing Me.

I Truly Hate The Way You Spit Those Lies.
Say You Love Me,
Say You Miss Me,
Say That You Still Care,
Say That I Still Mean Something.

I Truly Hate The Way That You Call Me.
Checking To See If The Cuts I Bear Are Yours.
If The Bruises You've Caused Still Linger.
If I'm Still Avoiding Eating.
If I'm Slowly Killing Myself For You.

I Truly Hate The Way You Pretend To Listen.
Hear What I Say,
But Never Comprehend.
Understand The Words,
But Never Their Meaning.

I Truly Hate The Way That I Still Care.
That You're Controlling Comforts Me.
That You've Still Got Me Loving You.
That I Relish The Moments You Look At Me.
That I Never Want You To Stop Holding Me.

I Truly Hate The Way I Want You.
The Way I Need You.
That I Believe Those Lies.
That I Love Seeing You're Number On My Phone.
That I Want You To Pretend To Listen.

The Truly Terrible Part About Hating You,
Is Hating Myself.
Wishing I Were Anywere But Here.
Hoping I See You,
But Crying When I Do.

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