3 Years of Perfection

December 23, 2009
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As the wind whispers
Through my hair
I can feel your touch
When you’re not there

You’ve left a burn
Upon my skin
And I still think
What could have been?

If more than kisses
Were exchanged
What would be different?
What could have changed?

Between you and I
Such a simple thing
Could it truly be
So devastating

I love you dear
You already know
But now its time
To let it show

What I’m trying to say
Is I just don’t know
Part of me says yes
The other no

Now the question of when
Cannot be foretold
But just being with you
Is fine young or old

We all are changing
Day by day
Going separate directions
Not staying the same

I know that it’s certain
That we’ll never part
I have no doubt
Within my heart

Though I want
My future now
I guess I can wait
I do not know how

It’s a deep
Growing pain
Hard to handle
Hard to contain

The passion is fierce
And yet so calm
Tonight all I want
Is to be in your arms

We used to be so innocent
Only a kiss
How on earth
Did things start going like this

Like a hurricane
About to make land
I believe it all started
When you took my hand

Our expectations weren’t much
The future meant nothing
Well now my dear
The future is something

So let’s take a moment
To stop and think
Everything could have changed
Just in a blink

So let’s be thankful
For having each other
And knowing this love
Is like no other

I’m writing this poem
To show you my mind
So please don’t forget it
Treat it kind

This poem is my heart
Given straight to you
If you were to neglect it
I don’t know what id do

Of course you’d never
Do something like that
I trust it with you
And that’s a fact

So as long as the skies
Shine down their blue
As long as the world turns
Ill know what to do

I’m forever grateful
For all that you’ve shown
How much you have saved me
You might never know

So once again
Remember this too
I wrote this to treasure
And I love you

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