The Pain Inside

December 23, 2009
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I’m tired of the pain
Tired of the lying
Tired of the truth
But tired of dying

Inside me I feel
Numb to the core
Outside of me
I show nothing more

Who is that girl?
Who am I?
Just a distant person
With a strangers eye

How I feel
And what I do
Changing me
Is anything true?

A part of a world
That brings you down
While part of the world
Hates my frown

A shallow mind
An empty heart
Am I just someone
Fit to play a part

What part is mine?
What lines should be said?
My inspiration
Not from my head

A scattered family
Broken and torn
Some are dying
Others are born

Living with a stranger
Yet never alone
I crave something
To call my own

I thought I had something
That would dry my tears
A shoulder to cry on
To console my fears

My world turned happy
I stopped looking down
Ask anyone
I hardly wore a frown

People got older
Lives became tough
And I soon found out
My moment of joy was not enough

To tame the tangled mesh
Of lies and betrayal
Of the ones who would succeed
And the ones that would fail

My family split
Unity divides
And like the poles
Now on opposite sides

I guess that relationships
Don’t always turn out right
I guess that this means
Don’t give up without a fight

So fight I did
Through and through
Never alone
Because I always had you

Now it seems
That you’ve stopped trying
Instead of dousing my pain
You’re the reason I’m lying

Lying to myself
Lying to you
Waiting just waiting
To finally break through

But my world is spinning
Totally round
As it turns out
More pain have I found

What a pain
What a lie
Maybe it’s better
If we say goodbye

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