The Spirit of Freedom

December 23, 2009
How do you capture, in one day, the sacrifice of a thousand?
How do you convey the debt of gratitude we owe them? How hard it is to put into words the depth of their gift. For with it we have forged a nation. A nation that has stood for Liberty, Freedom, and Justice, and has paved the way for many great men to make their mark on history. In little over 200 years, our nation has literally changed the course of our world.
Yet blood stained that long road to victory. Many men gave their lives for the country they held most dear. Each of them had families; lives beyond the battlefield, yet they were willing to lay it all down for a cause they felt was greater than themselves. Truly, "greater love hath no man than this."
Although they fought generations apart, their spirit of undying love for freedom remains unchanged. Let us always remember what they have done for us. Let us always remember that freedom isn't free, and let us carry on the spirit that they once held, that it may live on in generations of Americans to come.

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