December 22, 2009
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The face, the whole
everytime I envision
I pry in jealousy
to which I can only dream of

That glimmering smile
shines as the sun
that surrounds its entity
and distraughts everything in its path

Those undulating hair
entangles in a form
to which it easily deforms
everytime the wind passes by

Those cute brown eyes
so deep as a well
that stretches to the ends
of my sanity

That eloquent body
shaped perfectly
whenever touched upon
destroys my being

Whenever I see, whenever I hear
it lowers myself
to the lowest of the things
a man could possibly do

It is up to myself
to control, to endure
the endearment I feel

Maybe someday
It is no longer here
the feelings which I hold

But until that comes
I should hide
I should not seek
for I would only be suffering

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