Confessions of the comatose

December 17, 2009
By Anonymous


I'm so ready for the

it's burning in my heart this is where we start
going insane
it's all that I need
for that I will bleed

all just be clear
I hold you all dear
getaway from here
my soul will depart
my life falls apart


in my dreams
I feel the mysteries-
they weave themselves so smoothly in my life
the lights go on the game begins
It's me vs devil and
me vs sin
and there is absolutly no way in Hell I will win

except I have
the game's changed oh
yes sir
if you like good endings
here sir
here's a big
from God from
me to you sir

come with me boy and let's unleash
all that we can do
I'm your God and you're My man so
I will breath through you
don't you ever doubt it that son
I'm right here by your side
even when you screw up pal remember love is blind

you've lived too long a wasted life
so much of you's untrue
I demand more from you
I will see you through
have I not commanded you
be strong and win the fight
have I not just promised you, that you'll see the light

I'm so proud of your faith my boy
I love you with all my heart
I deeply wish your love for Me
would last beyond the start
that when you're down off the moutain
of church and private praise
when you're out in the real cold world
pushed so far from Grace
you remember the words I spoke
the ones I said to you
long before you were born
My words were proven true
and then
just yesterday
in all the little things I do
remember my prodigal
how much I love you

soon I'll come down the moutain again, son
soon I'll come down the moutain
soon I'll come down the moutain again son
soon I'll come down the moutain

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