You are as a catarpillar

December 17, 2009
You are as a caterpillar
You take your first breath and let your eyes wander to your surroundings. Innocence has made its home in your heart. Peacefulness. Tranquility.
Now pieces of a shell start to cover you. You are no longer naïve enough to believe in perfection on this Earth. Curiosity has its hold on you
Darkness. Nothing you have previously known to be true applies anymore. Confusion. White noise fills your ears. Chaos. The cocoon is in place. Pitch Black.
The night is darkest just before the dawn.
Blinding light. The sudden realization that all is well brings you to notice the cocoon no longer suffocates you and is laying about your feet. Something feels…different. Yes.
Now, step from your chains, spread your wings, and fly my darling, fly.

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