Shadow Girl

December 17, 2009
By MyElf SILVER, San Leandro, California
MyElf SILVER, San Leandro, California
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Shadow Girl sits alone
No one sees her
No one cares
She holds in her emotions tries to be strong
Feels like she’s dying
She feels no love for anyone
Has been hurt so many times
She sits in the shadows
Not really there
Still no one notices her
They walk right past her
So she cries and cries
Silent tears slide down from her eyes
Her shoulders are slumped
Her face is blank
But her eyes tell no lies
They show her pain
I watch her all day long
Wanting to help
Wishing she would smile
Her head is down
Her hair hides her face
I call out to her
Teary eyes look up at me
That’s when I realize
I know her
I’ve seen those eyes
My body shakes as I begin to cry
I hold on to myself
The pain cuts so deep
Because Shadow Girl
Is Me.?

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