Desperate for Relief

December 8, 2009
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Arthritis ridden body
It hurts to move
To breath
To hold
To stand
It makes life unbearable
It makes life torturous
So much that the last thing this old body will feel
Wont hurt as much
As living one more day would
He steadies his hand
His head
And the gun
As he gets ready to end his own pain
And give himself the peace he wants
As he gets ready to end the life that’s no longer worth living

Before he pulls the trigger he thinks of what he'll be leaving
His wife
His son
His grandchildren
He knows that he'll miss them
But this
This life that hurts more then hell
He cant stand one more day living
He'll miss them but he’s ready to go
He just hopes that they're ready to let go of him
He hopes that they'll know that he didn’t want to leave them
He just wanted to leave his body

The gun feels heavy and cold in his hand
But as he puts it against his head
It feels warm
It feels right
Like it was meant to be there the whole time
He pulls the trigger
Hears a bang
Then everything goes black

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